News and Updates

News and Updates

Chairman & CEO of Danone Speaks to United Nations During GA Talks

We highly recommend clicking on the link, below, & listening to Emmanuel Faber, as he addresses the UN General Assembly on the topic of Biodiversity in today's agricultural climate.

Click here: Emmanuel Faber Addresses United Nations

Emmanuel Faber, Chairman and CEO of Danone, Worldwide

How A 'Perfect Storm' Cut Off Water To This Colorado Town

The western Colorado town of Paonia ran out of water for a combined 13 days this winter. Luke Runyon/KUNC

One morning in mid-February, David Herz went to turn on the faucet in his farmhouse outside the small western Colorado town of Paonia, and nothing came out.

Herz is the president of a small water company that purchases treated drinking water from the town for him and a few of his rural neighbors. Small outages are common enough not to raise alarm. Herz started calling around to see what was happening.

"We usually average about one [outage] a year on the line," he said. "Something breaks, and you have to turn the water off. So it's not uncommon."

He quickly found he wasn't the only person with a dry tap who relies on Paonia's water. What he didn't know at that point was how long the shortage would last. From mid-February to early March, most of the town's about 1,600 water customers were issued boil notices and eventually saw their water turned off for a combined 13 days.

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“We are thrilled to announce the addition of three new executive staff who have recently joined CFH”, says Wally Beecroft, COO of Cox Family Holdings. “Phil Kuk and Verlyn Suderman are seasoned professionals and bring tremendous capabilities to CFH in the financial and legal arenas to support the growth of our portfolio. In addition, Ryan Teksten's joining the Tria Global Solutions Advisory Council is a big win considering his success in advising, investing in, and scaling new AgTech ventures”.

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Tria Global Solutions Joins Field to Market®

Tria Global Solutions Joins Field to Market®; Pledging to Catalyze Opportunities to Improve Sustainability in Commodity Crop Production

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There's a Water 'Time Bomb' Lurking Beneath The Planet's Surface, Scientists Warn

image by: (Wynand Uys/Unsplash)

Groundwater – fresh water cached underground in soil and between rocks – takes much longer to respond to temperature changes than surface water, the researchers point out.

We rely on rain to keep groundwater stocked up, which means areas seeing hotter weather and less rainfall are going to be lighting the fuse for a future 'timebomb' in which water supplies can't keep up with demand. The time delay potentially makes these 'hidden' shortages even more dangerous.

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