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News and Updates

CFH Welcomes Kip Pendleton to the Board of Directors

Newly Appointed CFH Board Member Kip Pendleton

Crystal Lake, IL

Cox Family Holdings (CFH) is pleased to announce the addition of Kip Pendleton to the Board of Directors.

Mark Vincent, CFH Board Member and Chair of the Human Resources Committee was tasked by the Board to bring on a new Director with a background in AgTech. “We wanted someone who could add this specific value and explored many different candidates from around the country. Given Kip’s extensive background in AgTech and understanding his desire to ‘help leaders feed the world’, he was the Board’s first choice”, said Mark about the addition.

Wally Beecroft, President of Cox Family Holdings and CEO of Exacto, Inc. said “Having met Kip a few years ago a Global Ag Investing conference in Boston I was very impressed with Kip’s knowledge of the opportunities within agriculture and am truly excited about his joining the CFH Board to help govern and provide strategic support as we shape the future of the industry.”

Kip has a tremendous career that spans several different elements of the food and agricultural value chain and is currently President, CEO, and Chairman of Jord BioScience, a start-up out of the OTC at the University of Minnesota. He also is founder of The Pendleton Group, which helps companies achieve strategic results in AgTech, Precision Ag, and Decision Ag.

For more information on Kip, and CFH, please visit our LInkedIn Page

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